The Giving Tree - Shel Silverstein

This children's picture book is probably in my top 5 all- time favorites. This book, cleverly written and beautifully illustrated, lets the readers follow the story of a little boy and a tree who loved that boy- so much so that the tree would do anything for that little boy, even when he got older and sometimes abandoned the tree. This book emphasizes that value of friendship and sacrifice. The intended audience for this book is 1st or 2nd grade. Children this age should be able to realize the people in their life who are like the tree- people who love so much they would give them everything they had. An activity I would do with this book is to have each student make a tree and have 5 or 6 leaves. On every leaf, they would write something they loved about a specific person or something they were thankful that specific person did for them. This could be a great activity during Thanksgiving time!