Coraline - Neil Gaiman

This book is a very unusual book that I would classify as a children's horror novel. Coraline comes across a secret passage corridor that leads to an alternate universe consisting of her "other mother" and "other father." Everything is the same in this alternate world, except her other mother with buttons as eyes seems to be giving Coraline the attention she has always wanted and longed for from her real mother. Will Coraline decide to stay in this other world or will she soon realize that she misses her real mother and want them back from the wicked other mother? The intended audience for this novel, I would say, would be 5th grade. Students younger than this I feel would get lost in the plot or get lost in Coraline's plan to get her parents back. An activity I would do with this book would be for my students to design a plan to trick the other mother into letting them go back to the real world. The students would have to write their plan in sequential order with specific instructions. This activity would be a great ordering activity as well as descriptive writing activity!