Charlie and the Chocolate Factory  - Quentin Blake, Roald Dahl

Willy Wonka's doors are finally opening again....but only 5 children are allowed in. Charlie Bucket is lucky number 5. The mysterious chocolate factory will be inherited by one of the 5 children. Wonka is looking for an honest, priority conscious child who he could trust with his pride and joy. Charlie Bucket may just be the person Willy Wonka has been looking for. This book has an intended audience of 4th grade. This relatively easy read allows the readers to dive deep into the setting of this novel and enjoy the creativity Ronald Dahl puts into his writing. An activity I could do with this book would be to have students create their own chocolate bar to sell as they became the new owner of the chocolate factory. They would have to design the wrapping and come up with a catchy slogan to go along with their invention. Let students have fun with their creativity and allow them to have brain breaks- which this activity would be great for!