Humu: The Little Fish Who Wished Away His Colors - Kimberly A. Jackson

This book is one of my favorite children's picture books that emphasizes being unique and being yourself. Humu didn't like being so different with his colors, unlike all his other fish friends who were one color. Humu goes to the magic whale and wishes to be the color of the sand. The whale grants his wish and says if he regretted his decision he could get his colors back in three days time. Humu went back to his fish friends and soon realized he regretted changing who he was. The intended audience for this book is 2nd graders. These students are now noticing differences between themselves and other students. It is a good idea to start promoting a healthy and accepting classroom environment more than ever. An activity I would use with this book would be to have each student write one good and nice thing about 3 students on a sticky note. The teacher would make sure every student had the same amount of sticky notes of nice things about them. The students would post their positive note under their person's name. This would promote a classroom community, and a family feeling between the students.