Holes - Louis Sachar

Ever felt like you have been in the wrong place at the wrong time? Ever felt unlucky? Well, welcome to the life of Stanley Yelnats- the main character of this children's novel. Stanley's family may be the unluckiest family of all time- all thanks to their dirty, stinking, good-for-nothing grandfather. Stanley gets sent to this juvenile detention camp for being accused of stealing a pair of shoes. At this camp, they dig holes..and lots of them, looking for a hidden treasure from the past of Kissing' Kate Barlow. During his time at this camp, he becomes close with another camper, Zero, who eventually helps Stanley break his family's curse. The intended audience for this novel would be 5th or 6th graders because of the length and some of the vocabulary. An activity I would do for this novel is for students to write to a prompt asking them what they would do if they found the Kissing' Kate Barlow treasure and had all the money they could think of. It s always fun to think of all the things you could do and would buy if money wasn't as option. And to students, that is no different.