Bridge to Terabithia - Katherine Paterson, Donna Diamond

Bridge to Terabithia is a classic children's novel that follows a best friend duo, Jesse and Leslie, through their fifth grade year. Leslie being the new girl on the block crosses all traditional gender lines as what girls should or shouldn't do in the old, country town. Jess and Leslie then come up with a place of their own, Terabithia, where they can be themselves to the fullest. This book's intended audience I would say to be 4th or 5th grade. It is a chapter book that is quite lengthy. There are concept in the book (like death) at the end that are more suited for older elementary readers. However, this book would be great for the teacher to read to 3rd or early 4th graders. An activity I would do with this lesson would be for the students to make a text to self connection and for them to come up with their own Terabithia. The students would have to draw their own land, and explain in writing why it was so special and what special features were in their special places. I would display this work in the classroom or out in the hall so my students would feel encouraged to further display their creativity and good writing skills throughout the year.