The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Eric Carle

This book is so great for students learning about numbers and sequential order. While the new caterpillar is going through this stage of his life, he is quite hungry; eating everything he can find. As the book goes on, the caterpillar eats more, and more, and more food...until he gets in his cocoon and turns into a butterfly. I would say the intended audience for this book would be K-2. For the younger grades, I would focus more on the number learning this book has to offer, while for 2nd grade I would focus more on the sequential ordering (first, second, third, then, last). An activity I would use this book for in the classroom is have the students retell the story in sequential order using picture cards representing what the caterpillar ate. This would get students back into the text and get students to use their application/relation skills to tell the story using cards instead of words, but also in the correct order.